Your Party

Birthday celebrations are as individual as each birthday child is. Whether classy dinner, festive menu or casual party.

Of course, there are numerous other occasions, such as class reunions, anniversaries or other celebrations, which we like to arrange for you.


The following rooms are available for your event: our fireplace room, the blue salon, a small and large hall including stage and technology with a capacity of 20 to 200 people.


We offer you various possibilities, here only a small selection. Wishes and suggestions, which go beyond that, are gladly fulfilled. For each celebration we will of course coordinate an individual menu with you personally.





Our selection for a three-course menu

Sparkling wine or orange juice for reception or
Duckstein beer 0,1l,
Aperol with sparkling wine and rhubarb juice


* Soups *

Clear beef broth with vegetable strips and meatballs
Zucchini or broccoli cream soup, poultry cream soup "Margot"

* Starters *

Soused hering Tatar on crispy brown bread and salad garnish
Smoked trout fillet with horseradish cream on green leaf salad
Smoked salmon on potato rösti, horseradish cream on lemon slices and salad garnish
Stuffed chicken thigh with cocktail sauce and potato biscuits
Parma ham with melon shuttles

* Main course Meat * 

Various roasts (beef, pork, smoked pork, turkey, deer, wild boar)
Beef roulades or fillet roasts
Pork fillet roast or pork medallions
Steak plate: beef, pork and turkey

* Main course Vegetable * 

Red cabbage, white cabbage, cauliflower, savoy cabbage,
Broccoli, romanesco, bean bundles, stuffed beans
Brussels sprouts, asparagus, courgette vegetables, black salsify
Mediterranean vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) 

* Potato side dishes * 

Boiled potatoes, croquettes, fried potatoes and the accompanying sauces

* Dessert * 

Homemade ice cream cakes
Ice cream with hot cherries / raspberries
Fruit salad of the season
Different Mousse Variations
Panna Cotta, Bavarian cream
Yoghurt Variations


For dessert we offer coffee at the table.
At night we serve soup according to your wishes.


Included in the price:

Champagne-coloured table linen with the fabric napkin or napkins in matching colours with your place cards.

In the hall we can offer large tables for 8 persons each, or table blocks with different numbers of persons or U, E form. From the hall you can access our beautiful terrace, where we are also able to offer a barbecue buffet.

On request we can take care of the flower arrangements.

We hope that this list will give you an overview and a pleasant selection. Of course changes can be considered according to your desires.

We will be happy to advise you!